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Free From Alcohol and Drug Dependence- Guaranteed!

The Executive Rehab at Capo system of residential drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation programs along with our structured sober living environments is a composite of several philosophies and techniques. Many clients resistant to "traditional" drug addiction and alcoholism recovery treatments and programs find that Solutions For Recovery is the perfect fit for their lifestyle.

We provide compassionate and individualized drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation that offers the chemically dependent person a route to recovery that is specifically tailored to their needs. This approach has been particularly successful with the following types of clients:

Specializing in designing programs that address the values and beliefs of the people we serve, Solutions For Recovery increases their ability to engage and participate in treatment. This open ended and person-specific approach has proven to be a strong deterrent to chemical and behavioral relapse.

It has been not a gesture 'cause of your goodwill and tireless assistance in my case.

Our drug treatment program can be adapted to fit the needs of any client while maintaining a strong, grounded foundation in recovery and personal growth. Welcome to Solutions For Recovery, we hope you find what you are looking for with our drug rehab programs.

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